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Professional Stucco Repair and Replacement in Houston, TX

Call MightyDoes – Stucco Repair Houston today for stucco repair and replacement. We’ve been in service in Houston and its surrounding areas for more than thirty years and we obtain pleasure in our reputable, professional services. MightyDoes objective is to assist customers get their house in best provision.

Stucco Repair Houston

You unquestionably spend in preserving many systems in your house for example the heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, and plumbing systems. Stucco repair and replacement is significant since it maintains the surface of your house stunning in addition to adding to its worth. Having your stucco frequently examined also make sure that your house is secluded in opposition to water leaks, which can finish up causing wide harm and pricing you a lot of money.

Our group of experts will examine your stucco, paying additional concentration to surface penetrations because faults are most probable to appear around them. Regions with surface penetrations are additional prone to breaks, splits and failure of grip which leaves them susceptible to water leaks.

Surface penetrations include:

  • Plumbing lines and faucets
  • Cable TV lines
  • Gutter straps
  • Telephone lines
  • Security systems
  • Dryer vents
  • Electrical boxes
  • Light fixtures
  • Satellite dishes


Stucco repair and replacement is our area of expertise so call us today and we’ll approach to examine your house and carry out any essential maintenance or repairs. Additionally, inspecting for cracks rooted by surface penetrations, we will also examine the stucco for any signs of mildew, mold, or discoloration as their occurrence can point out bigger troubles for instance water damage or water leaks. Don’t allow any more time goes by – it might finish up costing you extra money in the end!

Call MightyDoes today for professional, reliable stucco repair and replacement in Houston, TX.

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